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Lawn Bowls

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Lawn Bowls is the game that takes a second to learn, but a lifetime to master. A precision sport in which the aim is to roll bowls closest to a smaller white/yellow ball (the ‘jack’ or ‘kitty’).

The sport is played indoors and outdoors on grass or artificial surfaces known as a ‘green’ which is divided into parallel playing strips known as ‘rinks’.

During competition, one opponent flips a coin to see who commences a segment of the competition (known as an ‘end’), by laying the mat and rolling the jack to the other end of the green to serve as a target.

Once it has come to rest, the jack is aligned to the centre of the rink and players take turns to roll their bowls from the mat towards the jack and thereby build up the ‘head’ (the cluster of bowls around the jack).

- Bowls Australia

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Our Teams & Events

Discover more about the bowls opportunities at the Croydon Bowling Club.


Croydon enters pennant sides in the Saturday and Midweek (Tuesday) competitions, hosts tournaments including the KIA Pairs & John Dixon Calcutta Pairs, and offers social bowls year round, including midweek and weekends (Winter). Players are encouraged and supported to enter the Club Championships and Eastern Ranges events.   


Bowls Vicotria 

Croydon Bowling Club provides competitive bowls for all of out members wishing to partake in either Saturday or Midweek Pennant. With sides ranging from Division 1 to Division 6. There is an opportunity for all of our bowling members.

Club Championships

Croydon Bowling Club

Members of the Croydon Bowling Club have the opportunity to participate in the annual Club Championship. Bowlers of all abilities are encouraged to participate in the various disciplines offered and strive for the crown of "Club Champion".

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Calcutta Tournament

Croydon Bowling Club

Each year the Croydon Bowling Club hosts the John Dixon Calcutta Pairs. An opportunity for club members, past and present, to come together to win this prestigious tournament. Generous prize money is coupled with an outstanding bowls tournament.  

Social Bowls

Croydon Bowling Club

Social bowls is an integral part of the Croydon bowls program. It provides members an opportunity to connect in a social setting, as well as fine tuning our skills outside of the pennant season. Stay tuned for details via the website, Facebook page and the club noticeboards. 

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